How Multichain Businesses Use Google Data Studios

Google Data Studio is a powerful tool that can be used to visualize information from your website using custom dashboards. For business owners or novice online marketers, Google Data Studio can be used to tell the story that you need to know to keep your business afloat. Google Data studio can tell the story of your entire website or just portions of your website, which makes it a great tool for businesses of all sizes.

For enterprise level clients, multiple dashboards are usually the way to go. With multiple product owners and business owners, chances are that different people within your organization own different pages of the website.  Google Data Studio can allow you to segment the data from your website, giving each Business and Product Owner the view that they need to make the business decisions that they need.

How a Multichain Business like GFL Environmental Uses Google Data Studio

At GFL Environmental, we’re a nationwide waste provider that has over +70 locations throughout the United States and Canada. From service offerings, to service map, every location is different from the rest and they all have different needs the it comes to marketing and support. This also means they have different web pages and in some cases different websites, for their own particular service and product offerings.

Our marketing team is small and knible, which means we often have more ideas than we have hands. There are not enough hours in the day to touch every branch in the company in a week, so we use items like Google Data Studio to provide branches with snapshots of their data online.

As the Digital lead for the company, Google Analytics is a great tool for myself but but it doesn’t offer the same sort of data visualization that a Google Data Studio does for my Product Owners. When you’re dealing with General Managers and Area Managers who are supporting up to thousands of customers it’s important that can take a look at data and understand if it’s working or not in a matter of seconds not minutes.

Creating Your Online Dashboard

Google Data Studio can be used too track Google Analytics information as well as Google Ads data. When dealing with multiple campaigns that are running on different budgets and different settings, Google Data Studio can provide quick and easy to use data that a Business Owner or Area Manager can quickly devour.

At GFL often we get a General Manager or Branch Manager that will come to us interested in Google Ads. Before we begin however, it’s important that we create a Google Data Sheet allowing them to review their information at all times.

A standard Google Data Studio Sheet has 3 key elements, these 3 elements are KPI Data, Visual Data, and Customer Data. These 3 elements will help your Business Owner or Product Owner, make business decisions.

  1. Highlight Your KPIs. It’s important for business owners and product owners to understand their KPI’s inparticular cost, conversions, clicks, and spends. They will ask these questions and want to be able to access them at all times.
  2. Trending Data and Visual Data is Huge. Knowing that our Managers are always busy having to be able to do a quick access of trending data is great for him and her, and allows them to quickly know if their data is trending negatively or positively.
  3. Tell the Customer Story with data. One thing about working with a company in two different countries is that every area has a different terminology. For us, it’s important to show the active “search terms’ , “device types”, and “Click Types” but for every business this could be different.

Every Business is different, but Google Data Studio can tell a story for your business. If you have never used it, I encourage you to give it a try today. You might find it an important story, in telling your businesses online story.

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